The contract is for the exclusive use of seasonal rental in a house. The signing tenant (client) cannot under any circumstances claim any right to remain in the premises at the end of the rental period indicated on the contract.

1) The Reservation becomes effective when:

• The rental contract has been returned to the owner, correctly completed and signed by the customer and accompanied by a deposit corresponding to 25% of the amount of the chosen stay, and
this, within 8 (eight) days from the date of shipment.
• Acceptance of the general rental conditions by the customer and the internal regulations of the Holiday Village.
• The owner validated the contract (subject to availability) and returned a copy to the customer by post or computer (e-mail).

2) Balance of the stay:

• It will be paid at the latest one month before your arrival. Otherwise, the reservation will be canceled and the deposit paid will remain in full at LES SENTIERS Holiday Village.
• In the event of a late reservation not allowing payment of a deposit, the entire stay will be requested upon reservation.

3) Payment method accepted for the reservation and the balance of the stay:

• Bank checks, holiday vouchers, e-connect holiday vouchers, cash
• Bank transfer (national and international)
IBAN: FR76 1780 7008 0445 4216 4329 761

4) Payment of charges:

• Tourist tax: Additional on arrival per adult per day.
• Electricity and Water: Included in the rental price. In low and medium season in order to avoid abuse, electricity is limited to a daily consumption of 50Kwh per rental
(meter reading taken jointly on arrival and departure). Billing at the rate of €0.15 per additional kWh. For information, the daily consumption of a house
70m² is on average 40Kwh, of which 30 concerns heating, energy supplier source).

5) Cancellation*: * See insurance paragraph

• Cancellations must be made by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
• In the event of cancellation by the customer and without taking out cancellation insurance, payment of the entire stay will be required if the owner is not able to rent the accommodation.
house during this same period. If the cancellation occurs less than one month (30 days) before the client's arrival date, the owner will retain, even in the event of a new rental,
the deposit paid.
• In the event of cancellation by the Owner of the LES SENTIERS DU CAUSSE Holiday Village, the amounts paid by the customer will be refunded.
• After a period of 24 hours from the scheduled arrival date of the reservation and in the absence of prior information from the customer, the owner reserves the right to dispose of the rental and
note that the cancellation of the rental contract took place on the initiative of the customer, the amount paid will remain with the LES SENTIERS DU CAUSSE Holiday Village.

6) Arrivals and departures:

• The rented premises are available to the client on the day of arrival between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m.
Any arrival after this time slot must be reported (by telephone only, at /
• We do not guarantee accessibility to rental properties (houses) before 4:00 p.m., however after going to reception, access to the swimming pool and site activities (bowling alley, etc.)
are allowed.
• Rentals (houses) must be vacated no later than 10:00 a.m. on the day of departure.
• If the tenant delays his arrival or shortens his stay, the rental price remains with the owner, the entire stay will be invoiced* (no
* Unless the reason is covered by cancellation insurance taken out by the customer (insurance chapter).

7) Inventory and inventory:

• An inventory sheet is available in each rental on the day of your arrival. It is up to the arrival (customer) to check and report any anomalies to the holiday village reception on the same day if necessary so that they can be rectified as quickly as possible.
• The inventory is carried out jointly by the customer and the owner (or his representative) when the rental is made available and the keys are handed over.
It constitutes the only reference in the event of a dispute.
• A deposit of 250.00€ (bank check not cashed) will be requested from the customer upon arrival, it will be returned to them on the day of departure between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. after the inventory of fixtures and the return of the rental keys. With prior agreement from the owner, in the event of early departure preventing verification on the same day, this security deposit (guarantee) will be returned to the customer within a period not exceeding two weeks, deducting, where applicable, damage and costs necessary for the restoration of the rented premises or equipment.
Please note, the deposit is not a limit of liability, the signatory (client) must be covered by personal insurance for civil liability (see paragraph
• Cleaning of the rental (house) is the responsibility of the customer during the rental period and before departure. It must be returned in perfect clean condition and put away (disposition) as on arrival, otherwise a sum equivalent to the cleaning option offered on the rental contract will be withheld from the deposit (€50.00).

8) Occupancy of the rental:

• All reservations are nominative and cannot, under any circumstances, be transferred or sublet.
• The rental of a house is intended for a maximum of six people (children included), if the number of occupants is greater, the owner may refuse additional customers, and impose the rental of a second house depending on the availability of the Holiday Village during this period and at the current rate, as a last resort, depending on the composition of the family and after exclusive agreement of the owner, a contribution of €20.00/day and per additional person will be requested, otherwise the contract will be deemed terminated. due to the customer, in this case, the rental price remains with the owner.
• The owner does not authorize the setting up of tents, campers or any other receptive accommodation near the rental properties and within the grounds of the Holiday Village.

9) Special holiday insurance:

We invite the customer to check whether he benefits, through his personal insurance,
• Resort liability insurance* (or rental risks),
• cancellation-interruption-delay insurance.
With Villages de Gîtes, we offer Gritchen Cancellation insurance which covers all of this, to subscribe directly here:

* These insurances remain financially low and ensure you a peaceful stay, it is strongly recommended to subscribe to them.

10) Animals:

• Only dogs and cats are allowed at the Holiday Village, we do not accept more than one animal per rental. Attack dogs (1st and 2nd category) are prohibited.
• An up-to-date vaccination record is mandatory (valid anti-rabies), it will be requested at reception on the day of your arrival.

11) Image rights:

• As part of its communication, the Holiday Village may be required to take photographs or videos of customers and visitors, without otherwise indicating, the customer grants his image rights to the LES SENTIERS DU CAUSSE Holiday Village.

12) Visitor:

• It is a person, adult or child, hosted by a resident, not registered in the reservation, for one day or one night at most.
The visitor must register at reception , at no additional cost (apart from the tourist tax if there is an overnight stay).
• The rental capacity for the night must not be exceeded (6 people maximum).
• In the event of an additional night, the person will no longer be considered a visitor and will have to pay the sum of €20.00 per day and the tourist tax.

13) Internal regulations :

• The customer undertakes to comply with the provisions of the internal regulations of the LES SENTIERS DU CAUSSE Holiday Village displayed at reception and available on request.


In the event of a dispute between the Customer and the company, they will endeavor to resolve it amicably (the Customer will send a written complaint to the Seller). In the absence of an amicable agreement or in the absence of a response from the professional within a reasonable period of one month, the consumer Customer within the meaning of article L.133-4 of the Consumer Code has the possibility of entering, free of charge, if a disagreement remains, the competent mediator shall be included on the list of mediators established by the Commission for the Evaluation and Control of Consumer Mediation pursuant to Article L.615-1 of the Consumer Code, namely: The Professional Mediation Company - - 24 rue Albert de Mun - 33000 Bordeaux.

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